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Management and Leadership (A vs LF)

5 (a) Analyse the difference between autocratic and laissez-faire leadership. [8]

An autocratic leader has complete command over employees, and takes all major decisions. Without consultation from subordinates. It allows quick decision making and may be applicable in emergency situations, for example when a supermarket is flooded and the manager needs to evacuate customers and protect any stock or equipment. It can also be suitable where employees are unskilled and where there is repetitive like a fast food outlet. However, it can lead to low employee motivation and high labour turnover as subordinates feel undervalued and more like cogs in machine that actual people with feelings. Lassiez - Faire is where managers trust employees and delegate most of the decision making to subordinates. Meaning literally “leave them to it” employees are allowed to perform the job as they see fit. Unlike autocratic where employees are tighly controlled and must follow the managers instructions to the letter. LF works best in situations with highly skilled, highly motivated employees who can accept responsibility. For example a research team developing software for a smartphone.