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(d) Recommend how JS could improve the motivation of its employees in Department A. Justify your recommendation. [11] Summer 2019 Paper 22

JS could pay its workers better to motivate them. This may be effective because 30% of people who leave think that JS has poor pay. This is likely to lead to less people leaving Department A, which will decrease the recruitment costs of JS. However, money does not motivate everyone, and there are many other reasons why employees leave JS, such as the 25% of people who leave because of poor leadership. So, the extra pay may not motivate the employees but will increase costs. This means that JS has less money available to meet their mission statement. Overall pay could help to improve the motivation of the employees in Department A, because it has the highest labour turnover rate and the biggest reason is poor pay. However, it depends on whether JS can afford to increase pay enough to make a real difference to the motivation of the employees.