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 Exam Assessment 

A-Level Business

Effective Assessment and Feedback Drives Results

The most effective way of improving your exam performance is getting individual feedback.


But can you be confident that the feedback is exactly what you need to do to improve?


Cambridge continually refine the way they mark and modify questions.

To get the inside track you need to get feedback from the source - the people who actually mark the exams.

Expert Assessment You Can Trust


I have examined both Business AS and A2 in 2019 so can give you bang up to date advice on how to improve.


That’s why we offer focused feedback, scored as if you were sitting the exam.


The sooner you complete your assessment the sooner you can start to improve.


Don’t wait till you sit the exam to ensure your success.


Getting to grips with assessment for a range of different subjects can be a challenge for those who have made teaching their profession. Therefore,  it is no surprise homeschooling parents can often feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of mastering varied assessment criteria and guiding their child to success in a number of different subjects.


We are here to support  homeschooling parents by:

- assessing homeschooling students current performance

- providing detailed feedback and step by step guidance on how to improve

- supporting parents with homeschooling curriculum design

Supporting Schools

Schools or teachers may need guidance with the switch to the Cambridge Business  

specification, or may want outside support when moderating internal assessment. 


We can support schools or teachers by:

- moderating teachers assessment to Cambridge IGCSE and A-level standard

- marking a set of papers to relieve pressure on teachers

- supporting teachers with curriculum design tailored to the local context.


To find out more about making assessment work for you contact